Getting Health Care Quickly

Urgent medical situations can crop up at any time. Whether it is a cut or burn from a cooking accident, dizziness, a bump on the head or just feeling incredibly ill, It is important to seek medical advice. What may seem to be a minor symptom can, in some instances, indicate a serious medical condition that may worsen if ignored.

Free-Standing Emergency Care

Many people choose to go to the emergency room in instances where their own doctor is unavailable or their symptoms are serious enough to require immediate attention. Unfortunately, some emergency rooms that are attached to hospitals can have long wait times. This can delay treatment which may result in poor outcomes, as well as time off of work or away from one's family. Fortunately, there is an alternative: Freestanding emergency rooms that are equipped to deal with emergencies in the same way that a hospital emergency room would.

Urgent Care 

There are some healthcare situations that aren't necessarily emergencies, but that nonetheless are serious enough to require timely medical treatment. For example, you may become very uncomfortable with a sore throat and can't get in to see your regular doctor over the weekend. While the throat symptoms may simply be the uncomfortable results of a cold, there is the possibility that you could have strep throat or even mononucleosis, more serious conditions that require medical attention.

Places such as the Cypress Creek ER, a 24 hr urgent care Cypress TX clinic, allows you to get a strep test and have your symptoms checked out right away. The clinic doctors can also prescribe medications to address the problem as well as provide a medical note that you can use to take time off work or school. This ensures that you get appropriate rest and reduces the chance that you'll spread the condition to others.

Following Up

Of course, if you were a family member receives care through a freestanding ER or urgent care clinic, it is often advisable to follow up with your own family physician. He or she can connect with the clinic or ER to obtain your records and to help ensure that you are healing appropriately and remain healthy.

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