Administrative and Clinical Platform for Healthcare Payors

Do you aware that the healthcare business worth billions of dollars? Some of you probably over hearing that being healthy are expensive because once you get sick; you are willing to pay any amount of money to settle your medical bills and health care services. Unfortunately, for common people like us who do not understand this situation, we are usually tangled up and have no other options than to pay the expensive medical bills and healthcare services. As for the healthcare providers, instead of targeting your potential clients and squeeze their money out, you need to change, reform, and if possible, transform your entire healthcare management system where not only you can provide cost-effective healthcare service, but also you can still running healthcare business based on humanitarian mission.

It is not easy managing healthcare business, but it doesn’t mean you can’t do it because all you have to do is hiring third party to help you manage your tangled healthcare management system. The third party in question is none other than the HealthEdge service where it offers in providing the next-generation, business-transforming technology products available for the healthcare payor market. With their cost-effective programs, the aforementioned healthcare management service is giving their clients to radically innovate and at the same time, helping them to reduce the operational costs so they can evolve and grow in the healthcare economy business. So, what advantages that this healthcare management service has to offer to their clients?
Unlike other similar healthcare management services, there are so many advantages that the clients can have for their internal management systems such the leverage that only available for new business models where they can have accountable care organizations (ACOs), health insurance exchanges (HIX), value-based benefits (VBBs), and pay-for-performance (P4P). These advantages have been proved to improve the outcomes as well s increasing the quality of healthcare through transparent coordination among utilization management, case management, disease management, and health and wellness. In the business point of view, by using the healthcare management system, you can reduce the administrative cost and manual processes significantly. This latest healthcare management system is also very supportive to the new standards of ICD-10 and HIPAA 5010 where they can provide real-time information to anyone who involved in healthcare delivery cycle accurately. The available healthcare management systems are including HealthRules Payor, HealthRules Connector, the HealthRules Answer, HealthRules Medicare Module, HealthRules CareManager, and HealthRule Portal. So, are you ready to transform your healthcare business and provide the best and cost-effective services for your clients?