How to Make Yellow Teeth White Being

Tips on How to Whiten Teeth Naturally With Yellow Quick - the teeth are part of us something that is hard to care for the health, especially for smokers and coffee drinkers, clean white teeth is a dream of everyone, many people have problems with teeth that are yellow, how to cope with yellow teeth white can clean and attractive, it is that I will discuss today.

Ways to make a clean white teeth and traditionally is actually very easy, provided you want to do a bit of therapy in your diet, please read the food should be avoided to overcome the traditional yellow teeth below:

1. Wood charcoal
Actually, wood charcoal is also very powerful way to clean the yellow stains on teeth, but this material is dangerous because it can permanently damage the email and cause pain in the teeth. Therefore, you should not try it.

2. Lemon and Salt
You can get bright white teeth by using a paste made from a few drops of lemon juice mixed with a pinch of salt. Apply the paste to the tooth and rub gently like when you're brushing your teeth. This will help remove rust stains on the tooth surface.

3.Orange Peel
Brush your teeth using the inside of orange peel. Orange peel contains whitening elements that are very soft, which will help remove rust stains on teeth without harming enamel.

4. Indonesian bay-leaf (Syzygium polyanthum)
Take six bay leaves, and then drying in the sun until dry and crisp. Puree the sixth bay leaves, then add the orange peel powder. Rub the mixture onto your teeth every day, then certainly within two weeks you will get white teeth naturally.

5. Strawberry
Strawberries are not just a delicious fruit to be enjoyed. Beside rich in vitamin C, strawberries are also known to have properties to clean the teeth. Though sweet, strawberries are not harmful to dental health. Instead, this fruit can actually help remove rust stains on your teeth and make it a brilliant white.

6. White and Apple Cider Vinegar
Cider and white vinegar are also very effective at removing rust stains on the teeth, because both contain elements of bleach helps remove stains quickly. However, both these materials are very strong in character, so use on a daily basis will cause damage to the enamel layer. In addition, it was also very bitter.

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